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Transmission Repair Warning Signs for Ft. Worth Drivers

At Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth, drivers often ask us what signs show up when a transmission repair is needed. These signs are important, since early detection can mean the difference between a less costly repair and a much more expensive one. To help Fort Worth drivers detect these issues, we’ve put together a list of the seven most common transmission repair warning signs.

7 Signs for Transmission Repair & Servicing

Notice one of the signs below in your car? It might be time to visit the transmission repair experts at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth.

  1. Burning Smell. Overheated transmission fluid is often detected by a burning smell. This means that your transmission is much hotter than it should be, which can lead to serious damage and wear.
  2. Fluid Leaks. Without enough transmission fluid, your transmission will be under serious strain. If you notice fluid puddling under your vehicle or building up on your driveway/garage floor, it’s important that you get your transmission inspected.
  3. Dirty Fluid. Transmission fluid checks should be performed once a month. If you or your technician notice dirty or cloudy transmission fluid during a fluid check, fluid needs be replaced. If your vehicle has had dirty fluid for more than a few weeks, you should get your transmission checked for damage.
  4. Unusual Noises. Damaged automatic transmissions will sometimes make humming, whirring, and/or whining noises when shifting gears. Manual transmissions tend to generate more mechanical sounds, like grinding or clunking noises.
  5. Bad Gear Shifts. Delays or resistance when you’re shifting gears can be a sure sign of transmission trouble. In automatic vehicles, you might have trouble getting your vehicle into Drive or into Park. In manual vehicles, you might have trouble during all gear changes or only for specific gears.
  6. Slipping Gears. When manual transmissions become damaged, they can sometimes slip out of gear and into neutral while driving. This creates a significant safety hazard, so it’s important to get your vehicle inspected soon if you notice this happening.
  7. Check Engine Light. There are a number of problems that can trigger a Check Engine light warning, including transmission issues. A free computer diagnostic check at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth can help you pinpoint the problem.

Ft. Worth’s Transmission Repair Experts

If you’re noticing problems with your vehicle’s transmission, it’s important to have your vehicle looked at by a professional technician. At Multistate Transmission Fort Worth, our transmission repair experts offer free Performance Checks. Our technicians will carefully test and inspect your transmission, diagnose any issues, and then provide you with a full written estimate for any work that your vehicle needs.

Call our transmission repair experts today to schedule a FREE Performance Check from Multistate Transmission Fort Worth.

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