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Reliable Drivetrain Repairs from Multistate Transmissions® Fort Worth TX

Your vehicle’s drivetrain plays a critical role in keeping your car or truck running. At Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX, we are drivetrain repair experts. Our experienced technicians skillfully diagnose and repair drivetrain problems as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. With Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX, you can get your drivetrain repaired and get back on the road.

A number of components make up the drivetrain. Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX has the knowledge and equipment to repair each of these components including the CV joints, differentials, drive shafts, axle shafts, and transfer case. If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle’s drivetrain, Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX recommends being on the lookout for signs such as:

  • Noises heard from axle area
  • Vibration while turning
  • Whining when accelerating or slowing down
  • Clunking sounds when shifting gears

If you notice any of these troubling signs, call our Fort Worth service center and we’ll schedule an appointment to diagnose any needed drivetrain repairs.

When you bring your vehicle into Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX for drivetrain repairs, we thoroughly test your system to determine the nature of your problem. Our service center uses both new and remanufactured parts in all drivetrain repairs. This ensures the quality of our service matches the quality of the parts. You can count on us for repairs that are done right the first time.

Of course, regular drivetrain maintenance can help to prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce the occurrence of costly breakdowns. Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX suggests having your drivetrain’s differentials serviced at 30,000 mile intervals or at the mileage count specified by your manufacturer. Certain conditions such as frequent exposure to extreme weather conditions or temperatures, heavy traffic or even off-road driving can accelerate the wear-and-tear of your vehicle. In these situations, servicing at more regular intervals is advised.

When your vehicle’s drivetrain is acting up, call Multistate Transmissions Fort Worth TX for proven repair services. We are your one stop drivetrain destination for servicing and repairs. Call us today  for more information or to schedule an appointment and estimate on repairs.

FAQs About Drivetrain

When should you service?

Differential Service is recommended at 30,000 mile intervals or according to your manufacturer’s specifications. If you drive under more severe conditions such as frequent starts and stops, extreme weather, towing or off-roading, we recommend more frequent servicing.

What is typical wear and tear?

The gears within the differential are very strong and made of long lasting materials. But as vehicles age, those gears can start to wear. Differential fluid is present to lubricate and cool those gears. Dirty fluid can lead to poor performance and excess wear. You should have your differential fluid checked from time to time.

What are the symptoms of an issue with the differential?

Vibration of front or rear of vehicle when turning
Clunking heard when shifting gears
Noise such as chatter or growl coming from axle
Whine on acceleration or deceleration

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