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5 Truck Transmission Warning Signs Fort Worth Drivers Can’t Ignore

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There are few repairs that can cost truck owners more money than a major transmission failure. Fortunately, today’s truck transmissions rarely develop big problems without some advance warning. Here are the five most common symptoms we see here at Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth, TX that indicate your truck transmission needs a little TLC.

Truck Transmission Symptoms All Fort Worth Owners Should Watch For

  1. Transmission Warning Light. In most vehicles, a yellow circular gear icon around an exclamation point illuminates when your truck’s computer senses a transmission malfunction. Most commonly, your computer is reading the transmission fluid temperature as too high. However, this light can come on when the temperature sensor is malfunctioning.
  2. Fluid Leaks. Transmissions don’t burn fluid like engines burn oil. If your transmission fluid is low, it’s most likely because there’s a leak somewhere. Leaks are the most common cause of transmission problems. They can spring up in multiple places including the fluid lines, gaskets, seals, and the pan.
  3. Engagement Delays. These are characterized by a failure to shift immediately from neutral to drive. There are many potential causes, including temperature, bad seals, worn or stretched bands, and low fluid pressure.
  4. Rough Shifting. This can be caused by a faulty sensor, a bad shift solenoid, and by low fluid pressure, contaminated fluid, clogged lines, or failure of the transmission pump.
  5. Slipping. This is a problem with gear engagement. The primary cause is low fluid levels, resulting in overheating and low hydraulic pressure.

Notice there’s a common theme running through all these symptoms? Issues with transmission fluid can be the cause of all of these problems. At Multistate Transmission Fort Worth, the first thing we look for when a customer comes to us with a truck transmission issue is fluid pressure and contamination. It’s why your transmission fluid can be your most important clue that your truck needs a qualified transmission specialist.

When Your Transmission Talks, it Pays to Listen!

If your truck transmission is showing any of the above symptoms, don’t let a small problem turn into a big one. Multistate Transmission Fort Worth’s certified technicians can help you diagnose, maintain, and repair the problem with our complete Performance Check. We do it for Fort Worth, TX drivers every day.

For questions or problems with your truck transmission, give our service center in Fort Worth a call today to schedule your free Performance Check.


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