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Transmission Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Ft. Worth, TX

Routine transmission maintenance is critical to your transmission’s performance and its lifespan. Unfortunately, many drivers in Fort Worth neglect key aspects of transmission maintenance. At Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth, we regularly see major transmission damage that could have been avoided with proper servicing and maintenance. To help your vehicle avoid the same fate, here are a few key tips on transmission maintenance in Fort Worth, TX. Monthly Transmission Inspections Under normal conditions, your transmission will only need servicing every 1 to 3 years. But conditions aren’t always normal. If fluid becomes contaminated prematurely or your transmission develops a leak, it’s crucial that you identify the problem early on. Otherwise, you’re in for major damage to your transmission (and your wallet). The solution? A monthly transmission maintenance check, which you can get performed for free at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth. Routine Transmission Maintenan ... read more

Why Fort Worth Drivers Shouldn’t Put Off Drivetrain Repairs

Your drivetrain is a complex piece of machinery, one that’s crucial to the proper function of your vehicle. As Fort Worth’s drivetrain repair specialists, the technicians at Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth know that without repairs drivetrain damage can become severe and affect other parts of your engine. While it can be easy to procrastinate or try to wait out drivetrain damage, the results are never pretty. Damage worsens, other parts become affected, and both you and your vehicle are put at risk. If you think that your drivetrain might be having an issue, you should schedule an inspection as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Procrastination Doesn’t Pay with Drivetrain Repairs Certain signs can indicate problems with your drivetrain. You might notice a whining, clunking, or chattering noise coming from your axle. Your car might shudder when you try to turn or accelerate. It might take longer to get your car up to speed. As soon ... read more



6 Clutch Repair Red Flags for Fort Worth Drivers

Your vehicle’s clutch plays an important role in your transmission. If your clutch wears down or starts to malfunction, your engine won’t be able to transfer power efficiently from your car’s engine to its wheels. When that happens, you can bring your car to Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth for a free clutch repair inspection. As Fort Worth’s source for transmission repair and maintenance, we offer the quality parts, expert workmanship, and the peace of mind drivers need on clutch repairs. 6 Signs You Need Clutch Repair Services A damaged clutch will almost always lead to performance issues or noticeable symptoms in your vehicle. However, some of the signs of clutch damage could be caused by damage in another part of your transmission. Drivers in Fort Worth can take advantage of our free inspection services to have our clutch repair specialists diagnose any clutch or transmission issues. Unsure if you need a clutch repair inspection? Here are six red flags it’s time to g ... read more

What Ft. Worth Drivers Should Expect in an Auto Repair Center

Every vehicle owner knows how important it is to find the right service center for your vehicle. It’s something our team at Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth knows as well as anyone. We also know that finding the right auto repair center in Fort Worth means knowing what to look for when comparing repair shops. While your ideal repair center might be a little bit different from your neighbor’s, the best auto repair centers all share a number of key qualities in common. If you’re a driver in the Fort Worth area in search of an auto repair center that you can depend on, here are a few of the main qualities you should expect in the centers you consider. No-Cost Auto Repair Inspections When your vehicle starts to suffer performance issues, you should know exactly what needs fixing before you spend a cent. To make that possible, a quality repair center will provide a free, no-obligation inspection for your vehicle. After this inspection, you should expect a full explanati ... read more

Fort Worth Drivers Ask: What Issues Can Diagnostic Services Identify?

When the Check Engine light turns on in your vehicle, it’s time to contact Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth for diagnostic services. Our technicians use computer-assisted diagnostics to connect directly with your vehicle’s onboard computer. This way, we can quickly diagnose whatever issue — or issues — have triggered the Check Engine light warning. As Fort Worth’s automotive and transmission repair experts, we take pride in providing drivers in the Fort Worth, TX, area with quick, professional, and reliable diagnostic services. Common Issues Identified Through Diagnostic Services When you bring your vehicle to Multistate Transmission Fort Worth for a diagnostic services inspection, you might be completely in the dark about why your Check Engine light turned on. The Check Engine light is connected to a number of systems and can be triggered by problems with a wide range of parts. That said, there are certain parts and systems that trigger Check Engine light warnings more often th ... read more


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