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Transmission Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Ft. Worth, TX

Routine transmission maintenance is critical to your transmission’s performance and its lifespan. Unfortunately, many drivers in Fort Worth neglect key aspects of transmission maintenance. At Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth, we regularly see major transmission damage that could have been avoided with proper servicing and maintenance.

To help your vehicle avoid the same fate, here are a few key tips on transmission maintenance in Fort Worth, TX.

Monthly Transmission Inspections

Under normal conditions, your transmission will only need servicing every 1 to 3 years. But conditions aren’t always normal. If fluid becomes contaminated prematurely or your transmission develops a leak, it’s crucial that you identify the problem early on. Otherwise, you’re in for major damage to your transmission (and your wallet). The solution? A monthly transmission maintenance check, which you can get performed for free at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth.

Routine Transmission Maintenance

It’s hard for most drivers to know how often their vehicle needs a transmission fluid and filter change. That’s because the mileage between fluid and filter changes can vary under different driving conditions. The transmission maintenance team at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth can help you determine how often your fluid will need changing. Ultimately, though, the best thing to do is to get your transmission inspected regularly. That way, technicians can tell you when fluid has become too contaminated and needs to be changed.

Maintenance Options in Fort Worth

If you’re the DIY type, you might prefer the idea of performing transmission maintenance on your own. This is usually inadvisable. You never want to roll the dice with your transmission, and the services you can perform on your own will be limited to things like fluid checks and top-ups. You’ll have no problem finding free or low-cost options in Fort Worth for these transmission maintenance services.

Transmission Maintenance FAQs

  • Q: How do I check transmission fluid? A: Fluid is checked with a dipstick, similar to your engine’s oil. Your vehicle’s manual will have detailed instructions for your make and model.
  • Q: How do I top up transmission fluid? A: Fluid can be easily topped up via your vehicle’s transmission fluid intake. Be very careful not to overfill fluid levels.
  • Q: How do I change transmission fluid? A: Fluid flushes and changes, as well as filter changes, require an experienced technician and should not be performed on your own.
  • Q: Why is transmission fluid pink? A: Transmission fluid is commonly dyed pink so that it’s easy to recognize, but remains transparent enough to spot contamination.
  • Q: What if I skip transmission maintenance? A: If you wait too long, lack of maintenance will lead to severe damage that requires a three-figure or four-figure repair.

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