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Fort Worth Drivers Ask: What Issues Can Diagnostic Services Identify?

When the Check Engine light turns on in your vehicle, it’s time to contact Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth for diagnostic services. Our technicians use computer-assisted diagnostics to connect directly with your vehicle’s onboard computer. This way, we can quickly diagnose whatever issue — or issues — have triggered the Check Engine light warning. As Fort Worth’s automotive and transmission repair experts, we take pride in providing drivers in the Fort Worth, TX, area with quick, professional, and reliable diagnostic services.

Common Issues Identified Through Diagnostic Services

When you bring your vehicle to Multistate Transmission Fort Worth for a diagnostic services inspection, you might be completely in the dark about why your Check Engine light turned on. The Check Engine light is connected to a number of systems and can be triggered by problems with a wide range of parts. That said, there are certain parts and systems that trigger Check Engine light warnings more often than others.

At Multistate Transmission Fort Worth, these are some of the most common problems identified through our diagnostic services:

  • Catalytic Converter. Damage to your catalytic converter is a common reason for Check Engine light warnings. Unfortunately, catalytic converter damage is almost always caused by damage in another part of your vehicle, meaning your vehicle will likely need multiple repairs.
  • Ignition Coils. Most ignition coil damage is caused either by age or by an overheated engine. If your ignition coils fail, it’s important that you replace them quickly. If not, you could damage your catalytic converter, which is a much more costly replacement.
  • Spark Plugs. Problem spark plugs — along with worn out ignition coils — are one of the top two reasons for costly catalytic converter damage. They can also cause your vehicle’s engine to misfire if not replaced.
  • Evaporative Emissions Controls. Your evaporative emissions control system plays an important role in stopping fuel from evaporating from your gas tank. If it starts to have problems, gas you paid for will start to evaporate before you can use it.
  • Fuel Cap. A loose, missing, or broken fuel cap can trigger a Check Engine light warning. Thankfully, it will be an inexpensive fix for your vehicle.
  • Mass Airflow Intake. Your mass airflow intake helps maintain the right balance of fuel and air during ignition. Problems with this piece of equipment can result in lower fuel economy.
  • Oxygen Sensor. Oxygen sensor problems represent a big chunk of Check Engine light warnings. If this part isn’t fixed or replaced, you could see a major reduction in fuel economy.
  • Thermostat. Corrosion or damage could mean trouble for your engine’s thermostat. Without a fix, your engine likely overheat leading to serious damage.

If the Check Engine light has turned on in your vehicle, contact the team at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth today. We will be happy to schedule your vehicle for diagnostic services to help pinpoint the issue.

Call today to book diagnostic services with Multistate Transmission Fort Worth.


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