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6 Clutch Repair Red Flags for Fort Worth Drivers

Your vehicle’s clutch plays an important role in your transmission. If your clutch wears down or starts to malfunction, your engine won’t be able to transfer power efficiently from your car’s engine to its wheels. When that happens, you can bring your car to Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth for a free clutch repair inspection. As Fort Worth’s source for transmission repair and maintenance, we offer the quality parts, expert workmanship, and the peace of mind drivers need on clutch repairs.

6 Signs You Need Clutch Repair Services

A damaged clutch will almost always lead to performance issues or noticeable symptoms in your vehicle. However, some of the signs of clutch damage could be caused by damage in another part of your transmission. Drivers in Fort Worth can take advantage of our free inspection services to have our clutch repair specialists diagnose any clutch or transmission issues.

Unsure if you need a clutch repair inspection? Here are six red flags it’s time to give Multistate Transmission Fort Worth a call…

  1. Burning Odor. A damaged clutch often leads to a smell similar to burning rubber coming from under the hood of your car.
  2. Clutch Pedal Issues. When something goes wrong with your clutch, there’s often a difference in the feel of your vehicle’s clutch pedal, making it feel spongy or like it’s sinking into the floor.
  3. Trouble Shifting Gears. If your clutch is slipping, there’s a good chance you’ll feel your gear stick shaking when you try to shift into specific gears.
  4. Gear Shift Noises. Chattering or grinding noises are often a sign that your clutch is suffering from oil contamination.
  5. Lack of Power. Slipping gears mean less power is getting transferred to your vehicle’s wheels, something that’s noticeable if you have a heavy load or are driving uphill.
  6. High RPMs. A vehicle suffering from slipping gears will need higher RPMs to get up to speed. It will also take longer for RPMs to increase when you downshift.

Clutch Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Have you been noticing any of the above warning signs in your clutch? If so, now’s the perfect time to book a free clutch repair inspection at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth. Our technicians offer the expertise, experience, and workmanship your clutch demands, plus the high-quality replacement parts you need for true peace of mind. Clutch repair services at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth are backed by a 12 month/12,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Schedule a FREE clutch repair inspection with Multistate Transmission Fort Worth today.

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