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Choosing a Transmission Service Specialist in Fort Worth

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When it comes to service and repair of your transmission, the stakes are high. If your transmission fails, you’ll be stuck without a car to get you to work, the store, or to get the kids to their events. Faulty transmission service can also lead to a damaged transmission, which can result in costly repairs. With so much at stake, you need a transmission service specialist with the technical knowledge and experience you can trust. At Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth, we understand the position you are in. Our transmission service specialists are here to hep.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Transmission Service

Choosing a transmission shop is a big decision. Transmission work is often costly and time consuming. Making the right choice is important. Here are a few important things to consider and questions to ask when you are looking for a transmission service shop in the Fort Worth area.

  • Find a shop with expert technicians. A general repair shop can perform many types of repairs with reliability. But the transmission is your vehicle’s most complex component. A transmission service expert will have the experience that can only come with working on transmissions all day every day. At Multistate Transmission Fort Worth, our service technicians are dedicated to expert transmission repairs and maintenance.
  • Rebuild, replace, or repair. Not all transmission shops perform all types of transmission work. Find out if they have a specialty. Some shops specialize in only rebuilds or only installing replacement transmissions. Make sure the shop you choose can perform the work you need.
  • Estimates matter. Get a written estimate for the work needed. This allows you to compare quotes. The lowest quote may not be the best quote. Be on the look out for quotes that come in extremely low and don’t appear to cover all the necessary work, parts, or labor required. We’ll provide a written estimate for the work needed so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Guarantee or warranty. A reliable shop will offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. At Multistate Transmission Fort Worth, we offer a nationwide warranty on our work.

When your transmission needs service, come to the transmission experts at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth. Call us to schedule an appointment for your estimate and to learn more about our service technicians and their experience working with transmissions of all kinds.


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